My wife and I have decided to help other couples or even help you meet your future mate.We
have been contacted by many to find out how it is done. How do you meet a filipina. Is it hard
to bring a lady to the US. What kind of men are filipina's looking for.

I can also help with your paperwork you have to file with the
BCIS. If i help with the paperwork
I prefer to help out before you submit anything. I was told by friends and family that you had
to hire a professional to help you file all the papers correctly. I contacted a few and
discovered they wanted $1000's of dollars plus the processing fees to help me. I studied
books in the library and studied all the forms that are required for filing a fiancée visa. I
successfully filled all forms out and was approved in about a 3 month period. Then we had to
wait for my wife to complete all her requirements in her country. She had to have a medical
exam and a interview in Manila. It took about one year and my wife was here in the US with

I have helped others and keep up to date about new requirement that the
BCIS impose. If you
want me to do all the paperwork for you, I can do it for a fee of $395.00 plus the processing
fees the
BCIS charges to file the paperwork. If you have me do your paperwork I prefer you to
contact me before you go to the Philippines so I can give you a checklist of things to bring
back with you to help out with the paperwork.

My wife and I will also be offering tours to gentleman who wish to meet a filipina. We can
arrange everything for you. We have a unique way on how we let you meet the filipina's. We
can have as many filipina's meet you, just depends on the number of gentleman going on the
tour. One thing I must stress.
We want to help you find your future mate. If you are interested
in a tour just send us a reply on our contact page. We will also be glad to answer any
questions you might have about filipina's or the Philippines. We started a blog and will be
putting alot of useful information there also for your benefit.

I will also include it here as a service to all who aren't quite sure if they are chatting with the
"RIGHT WOMAN". If you are having doubts about the lady you are contacting and you want
to check her out. Go to my contact page and give me any information you want to supply.
Screen names on yahoo or whatever you use is best. I will contact her and see what kind of
responses I get. If she is committed to you she should tell me right away she has a boyfriend
or seeing someone. I will do this for
FREE  to everyone. All I would ever ask is that you tell
people about my website.
Its better to be safe then sorry.